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My photography story began in early school. During my studies, I took several thousand bw photos. I did everything myself — made the developers, typed, ... Having discarded the SLR cameras at once (after a year of use), I shot the long-range Kiev -4 for a long time (from the first version of Contax Technology) For me, so far, the indicators / 8 and 1/15 seconds. If the camera is not able to do this with the breathing of its holder, I will quickly part with such a tool. The phone goes into business only when the opportunity to take a picture can be lost after the camera is removed from the bag! And light correction in basic programs is sometimes more effective than deep processing of the “missed moment”!

Over the past time, I realized that life is a journey. And the meaning of this journey in the process itself. It is important to make sure that every moment brings a new, amazing discovery of its secrets ... As a resident of a big city, I always wanted to live in a quiet, little populated place. Years of youth spent in a small (about 1 km) village gave me a contact with wildlife and the joy of seeing her gifts! Whether you collect mushrooms, or catch fish, dig up a garden, or repair a shed - never consider that this work is not for you! Having received the diploma of Audio-Video Engineer, I had the opportunity to study the mechanism of perception of human music. Over the years, spent in creating the systems of Cinema and Stereo Musical Systems, I saw their main component-Listener ... In the old days it was the ability to Listen to the speaker was valued above! That's over it and I work .. Maybe someday I'll find my main teacher ... After all, they say that the Master appears when the Student is ready!

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